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NORALP has been your trusted partner in compliance and sustainable finance since 2020.

We offer you a comprehensive range of services, from consulting and training to project management and expert assistance.

Our services

Compliance Consulting

Our expert consultants can help you implement effective compliance strategies.

Project Management

We help you navigate regulatory changes and implement new tools and processes.


Our center of expertise offers training, conferences, courses and prepares you for AMF sustainable finance certification.

Our Commitment



A team of seasoned consultants with significant finance and corporate experience.



Tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of each customer.



A commitment to quality and innovation in all our fields of activity.

Our activities

NORALP supports RCSI / RCCIs, CCOs, MLROs, DPOs, Compliance Officers, CSR Officers, Training Officers, General Management and Boards.

Our clients are Bankers, Brokers, Insurers, Management Companies, PSPs, Universities, Professional Associations, Supranational Entities, CIFs and Industrialists.

We are proud to count among our customers :

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How to contact us


31 Birch Hill Lane
L6K 2P1
Oakville - Ontario
+ 1 365 996 66 76


58 -60 rue de Douai
75 009 Paris
+ 33 1 88 61 69 73


60, rue Michel Welter
L-2730 Luxembourg


In France NORALP is a member of the ICCI

In Luxembourg NORALP is a member of the ALCO Association Luxembourgeoise des Compliance Officers


In France NORALP is a  training provider registered under number 11756269375.

This registration does not constitute State approval.


In France NORALP has been approved since February 1, 2022 by the AMF under number FD - 5 to pass the "AMF Sustainable Finance examination" pursuant to articles 312 - 5, 318 - 9, 321 - 39 and 325 - 26

of the French AMF General Regulations


In France NORALP is a Limited registered in Paris

In Canada, NORALP is a Limited company registered in Ontario

For the certified AMF sustainable finance exam, please visit  

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